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Information about customs and import duties

Laws and regulations on national customs and import duties may vary widely from country to country. Please understand that we can not inform you about the individual and current regulations of all countries.

1. In general there are no customs charges for shippments of low value parcels "small packet air", as the upper limit for duty free import is rarely exceeded.

2. For more import duties, as the import sales tax, there are usually also free limits, depending on the import laws of the recipient country.

3. The regulations and the amount of free allowances vary from country to country, please inform yourself about the provisions in your country.

4. It is generally established that customs and import in any case be solely the responsibility of the recipient. Possible costs for imports shall be borne by the purchaser / recipient.

5. This is also true for products whose importation is not authorized in your country.


We recommend strongly to inform yourself about the import regulations of your country before making an order, particularly if the value is high or if purchasing medicated products (like Tiger Balm and such).