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Currecies selection


You can view all our products in the following currencies and also order and pay in any of these currencies:

  • AUD Austral. dollar
  • GBP British pound
  • CAD Canadian dollar
  • DKK Danish kroner
  • JPY Japanese yen
  • NOK Norweg. kroner
  • CHF Swiss franc
  • SEK Swedish kroner
  • USD US Dollar

 Simply select the desired currency using the selection menu "Prices / Currencies" on the upper left.

As a precaution, we want to point out that you should use the payment system PayPal if not paying in Euro. In a direct payment from bank to bank, you must expect that high bank fees are subtracted from the transfered amount, which unfortunately we can not accept, so if you choose bank transfer, you should always transfer the money in Euro and SEPA Credit Transfer, if possible.

If you are uncertain or have any questions, please contact us and wait with the paiment until you received our answer.

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