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Informat about shipping costs and delivery

Shipping Costs

1. We only charge a flat shipping fee of 2,50 Euro per order (value will be converted into the selected currency during the payment process) regardless of the quantity of ordered items, there are no additional postage fees for our customers. This applies worldwide, no matter in which country the parcel is sent! This very small shipping fee does not resemble the real shipping costs anyway, which of course are much higher but will be paid by us.

2. The costs for packaging, handling, etc. are already included in the prices.



1. We basically send goods by Priority Airmail and We curntly can only send goods by SURFACE MAIL (sea and land routes) with registration / certified mail via Thailand Post. The Thailand Post proved to be exemplarily reliable and neat. None of our parcels ever got lost so far!

Extraordinary regulation:
Due to the worldwide CorVid-19 pandemic and suspended air traffic, NO AIR MAIL is possible until further notice. Goods can therefore only be transported by sea and land "Surface Mail"! We have been given an estimated shipping time of about 2 months - this information is without guarantee, and in our opinion, there will probably be delays, especially in the destination country. We hope for your understanding.

2. The receipt of each registered shipment must be countersigned by the recipient. By registering (with barcode) the goods and service are insured and therefore an official investigation by the postal company is possible. Further you can "Track & Trace" (online tracking) the shippment, although some postal companies of other countries are rather slow and lazy by updating the data, and the Thailand Post itself is responsible only for updating the data within Thailand.

3. We strive hard to provide the fastest possible shipping, usually within a working day after the receipt of payment via PayPal or directly onto our German account. Only exeptions are creams, balms and lotions that have an expiration date and which we prefer so buy "fresh", so in some cases it might take 1-2 days more.

4. We ship directly from Thailand with Thailand Post - delivery usually takes about 2 weeks will probably take about 1-2 months
. This period is, however, highly dependent on the national postal company in the recipient country. The mentioned 2 weeks 1-2 months are a guideline, not a guaranteed commitment. We (unfortunately) have no effect or authority on the postal companies and their processing and delivery of mailings.

5. On Sundays and national holidays, the Thailand Post is closed.

6. The shipping with other companies (eg UPS, DHL, ...) is available upon request, though only after additional payment for the higher postage costs.

7. Express shipping is also possible, but only at special request and usually with considerable surcharge (which unfortunately is often disproportionate to the price of the items ordered).


For information about customs and impo regulations please cklick here!