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Rocky T-Shirt - Cow, Chicken, Egg

14,99 EUR
Product no.: r351_gn.
Manufacturer: Rocky
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    Cow, Chicken, Egg

    T-Shirt by Rocky

    A new version of the question "What was first, Chicken or egg?". Something like: "Where did this particular egg come from?"... And what the hell is in the egg??? Rocky Shirts - poetic, smart, original, funny!
    100% Cotton Sure Shirts Thailand
    Rocky shirts are of good Quality and made of 100% cotton, non-chlorine bleach and fit for washing machine (cold). The print on the front is of good quality, too. It doesn't wash out or come off even after years and it is not too palpable or stiff.

    Rocky T-Shirts Thailand

    Sizes / Measurements (approx.):
    M  - A=51cm/20inch   B=71cm/28inch
    L   - A=56cm/22inch   B=76cm/30inch
    XL - A=61cm/24inch   B=81cm/32inch

    Caution: Do only wash cold with washing machine and do not use electric dryers!

    With a minimum item number of only 7 shirts in total, we can order any out of over 500 different Rocky-Motifs (in any color ansize) from Bangkok extra for you. Please have a look at the Motif-Catalog by Rocky.

    Rocky is a Thai brandname.
    We only sell Original Rocky Shirts!

    Rocky Shirts Onlineshop-Asia Thailand

  • Rocky T-Shirt - Cow, Chicken, Egg
    Rocky T-Shirt - Cow, Chicken, Egg
    Rocky T-Shirt - Cow, Chicken, Egg