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Sure Men's T Shirt M - Tripple Buddha (earth red-brown)

17,50 EUR
Product no.: Sm-S548_erb
Manufacturer: Sure - Men
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    This is a beautiful motif showing 3 Buddhas in different sizes sitting / meditating and a pattern of various symbols in the background. The 3 buddhas might represent the Three Refuges / Three Jewels or Triple Gem (Buddha, Dharma, Sangha), the Three Marks of Existence (Anicca, Dukkha, Anatta), the Three "Worlds" (earth, heaven, hell), Body - Mind - Soul, ... That's free to your personal interpretation. Spiritual motif of a Triple Buddha on an earth-red-brown t-shirt.

    100% Cotton Sure Shirts Thailand
    Very trendy printed T-Shirt from the successful Thai-brand "Sure" made of a very comfortable thin fabric, 100% cotton and fit for washing mashine.
    Extra sewn Cuffs give the shirt a modern rumpled appearance, but prevent fraying. The prints on front and back are of good quality, not palpable and wash resistant.Sure T-Shirts Thailand

    Measures (approx.):

    Sure is a Thai brandname
    we only offer Original Sure Shirts!

    Sure Shirts Onlineshop-Asia Thailand

  • Sure Mens T Shirt M - Tripple Buddha (earth red-brown)
    Sure Mens T Shirt M - Tripple Buddha (earth red-brown)
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