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Sure Herren T Shirt M - Yin & Yang Sun (aquamarine green)

17,50 EUR
Product no.: Sm-S544_aqg
Manufacturer: Sure - Men
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    Yin & Yang are the two halves that complete wholeness together and thus need each other to achieve balance and success. Like night and day one can't be without the other. This beautiful symbol is arranged like a big sun containing many Yins and Yangs in different sizes altogether. Very beautiful motif on an aquamarine-green T-shirt.

    100% Cotton Sure Shirts Thailand
    Very trendy printed T-Shirt from the successful Thai-brand "Sure" made of a very comfortable thin fabric, 100% cotton and fit for washing mashine.
    Extra sewn Cuffs give the shirt a modern rumpled appearance, but prevent fraying. The prints on front and back are of good quality, not palpable and wash resistant.Sure T-Shirts Thailand

    Measures (approx.):

    Sure is a Thai brandname
    we only offer Original Sure Shirts!

    Sure Shirts Onlineshop-Asia Thailand

  • Sure Herren T Shirt M - Yin & Yang Sun (aquamarine green)
    Sure Herren T Shirt M - Yin & Yang Sun (aquamarine green)