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Longsleeve Shirts, Pants, Dresses and Jackets by Big Tree

BIG TREE - Shirts, Pants, Jackets, Dresses

Big Tree is a Thai fashion label which produces comfortable shirts, pants, dresses and jackets made of 100% cotton. Many items are hand painted, usually a simple, curved symbol. The sections of the pants differ from normal, Half Baggy to Baggy / Aladin Pants, and some interesting variations. For the ladies there are some more feminine pants made of very thin and comfortable cotton, as well as some very nice summer dresses. Quite special for a Thai brand are undoubtedly the jackets, sometimes slightly padded. You will not find winter coats here, but nice jackets or thin coats for transitional periods.

Big Tree - Natural Cotton Clothing!

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Show 1 to 21 (of in total 43 products)